Bad credit mobile phones


It can be pretty frustrating when you are turned down by a mobile phone provider because of bad credit. When you desire a new smart phone, you can easily get it from mobile carriers by paying monthly fees, and that’s where bad credit mobile phones come in. These are contracts where you can still get your choice phone despite having poor credit ratings.

Typically, most carriers tend to reject such customers because they fear incurring loses when you fail to pay the loan. However, with the rise of credit cards, more people are becoming victims of bad credit. Likewise, carriers have come up with ways in which they can assist these customers with poor credit record access mobile phones.

How it works

Just like any other mobile phone contract, you get to sign a deal with the provider of your choice despite your poor credit details of which are normally found on the homepage. The good news is that there are no credit checks conducted so your credit history gets to be overlooked. However, there are some few things that should be taken care of. You get to pay a deposit which will be refunded at a later time during the contract, or immediately you complete your payments. This deposit is pre-negotiated with the carrier. It’s meant to reduce the risk for the carrier, and normally, the higher your deposit, the better the phone you can have.



Even though bad credit mobile phone contracts sounds like a walk in the park, they do not lack some caveats that you need to be aware of. First, the price is highly inflated by the mere reason that there are no credit checks involved. This is because the risks involved are usually very high for the lender. You therefore get to pay more for a phone you would otherwise pay a lesser amount.

It is unfortunate that most bad credit mobile phones are a bit outdated, and you’re less likely to get your hands on a flagship killer. However, there are some companies that can let you have the latest smartphones after some few months into the contracts if you prove to be a reliable customer. Ensure you pay your bills on time and regularly as this well have a positive impact on your credit rating.


In conclusion, if you wish to get the best bad credit mobile deals available, ensure you improve your credit ratings. Typically, dealers will view each applicant with a bad credit history individually. If you have a better rating, you may land yourself a better smart phone and get better value for your money. So stay on top of your game and make your credit score better in any way possible.

Important things to consider when choosing a mobile service provider


When it comes to choosing a mobile service provider, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. The experience can be overwhelming as the number of providers in the market is constantly skyrocketing. Choosing the wrong one may cause you to waste your hard earned money on services you won’t even need. This article contains information that is meant to help you get the right provider who will suit your needs perfectly. And if you consider these simple elements when making your decision, finding one shouldn’t be so difficult.

Your needs

First, you need to decide what you need from your provider. Ask yourself some elementary questions such as what you will be doing more often. Will you be calling, sending texts or surfing. If you will be making lots of calls, then opt for a provider who offers more minutes than data. You also need to consider how many people will be using those services whether it’s for domestic or corporate use. For instance, you will need less data for domestic use than for your business just as you would need less minute’s coverage for a small family as compared to a large one. Therefore, ensure you compare all the rates of the companies of your choice, and go for one who offers you what you want at the cheapest price.


Think about network coverage

It is important that you thoroughly check the resilience of the network any provider has before accepting to work with them. First, the network should be high speed, and strong range in your particular area. Ensure you go for an infrastructure that is fully meshed with failover options. In other words, the network should have alternate routes to its key points so that traffic is not interfered with. Additionally, confirm that the vendor’s policy includes network security. Look for indicators such as intrusion detecting services. You do not want to be a victim of cybercrime or experience added expenses of correcting a hacked system.


Ensure they have emergency support

If you want to enjoy mobile services without unexpected surprises, ensure your provider includes emergency support in their policy. Remember, you could lose your phone, SIM or the network could fail. Therefore, ensure the provider you choose will be able to cover you without charging you outrageously or taking you round in circles of frustration.

Extra services

In conclusion, ensure you thoroughly study the contract to avoid unpleasant surprises such as hidden charges. The provider should cover your roaming needs if you will be travelling a lot. Looking out for additional phone services in a provider will also go a long way in helping you choose the right one. These services could be, group voicemail, and call transferring, line hunting or toll-free number support.

How to go about choosing the best UK mobile phone provider


Let’s face it. With so many mobile phone providers offering services in the UK market, choosing one can be a herculean task. You simply need to do a small search online and you will be bombarded with numerous results of providers purporting to offer the best mobile phone deals and even contracts. But how do you discern between genuine and reputable providers from those simply out to swindle you?

Background research

Don’t be the kind of person who does business with any provider simply because they say they offer the best deals. In fact, if the deal is too good, you need to think twice. Take time to read about a given provider, find out how truthful they are, the calibre of services they offer and what have you. With the internet age, you do not need to move from one provider to the other. You simply need an internet connection and carry out your research from the comfort of your office or even balcony at home.

Ask questions

It pays to be curious and to seek for answers especially to things you have a vague idea of. Do you understand every term of the contract? Do you know why a given provider is charging what they are charging? If not, do not shy away from asking questions. It is always important to make informed decisions and the only way to do that is by ensuring that you are in know.


No doubt, some of you feel as if the act of negotiation should be consigned to the market. However, this is not true. Don’t be the kind of person who takes what you are given without trying to pull strings on your side. Try and haggle with your provider to offer you a better deal. A better deal could be anything from a discounted price to addition of perks. You will be surprised at just how willing your provider is to cut you some slack.


Read the fine print

Do you believe everything your sales representative is telling you? Well, you shouldn’t. Anything your sales representative tells you is meant to convert you into a customer. So while the deal might look so good on paper, there is always a chance of hidden charges. For that reason alone and to avoid paying hefty fees in the foreseeable future, endeavour to read the fine print and seek clarifications on confusing terms. It is better to be safe than sorry!



Tips to be approved for a mobile contract with bad credit


Mobile phones have literally become a vital part of our lives. They are like an extension of our bodies, and act as our computers, cameras, alarm clocks and game stations. However, accessing a good smart phone has become difficult particularly if you’ve got a bad credit score. Likewise, vendors will promise you contracts with no credit checks but end up exploiting you and charging you more than necessary. But you need not to worry. If you want to get a good mobile contract despite your poor credit rating, here are some few tips you can use.

Get a co-signer

You can easily get the phone contract of your choice if you get a co-signer with desirable credit ratings. In this case, your co-signer will act as your guarantor and if you fail to pay, they will face the consequences. Remember, the account will be in their name and not yours. Therefore, ensure you talk about this with your co-signer before signing the contract. The good news is, after some time, you can transfer the account to your name without having to pay any deposit. However, you need to have been faithful in your monthly payments.

Pay a deposit

Paying a security deposit will reduce the risks involved in the mobile contract you want to sign, and this will in turn let your carrier agree. It is important to know that deposit amounts vary from carrier to carrier depending with your credit score and the handset you want to own. For instance, iPhones have some of the highest prices in the market, and therefore, the highest deposits.


Opt for a prepaid carrier

This is a better option for you as prepaid contracts do not require credit checks. This is owned to the fact that you pay in advance and therefore there’s very little risk for the mobile phone provider.  This plan can work best if your old phone is still in good working shape, and you can be comfortable with a SIM-only contract. Remember, using your old phone for some time is not such a bad thing; rather you will be creating a solid platform for restoring your wounded credit score. In the end, you will be able to acquire the best newest top end smart phones without breaking a sweat.

Join a family plan

When you join a family plan, you will not only bypass a credit check, but you will also save some few bucks. This is owed to the fact that mobile family plans are cheaper. Additionally, you can have as many lines on one plan as you wish; could even go up to 10 lines. And only condition to be met is that the main account holder should have good credit. Therefore if you join as a member, you will bypass the credit checks. However, you need to pay up your monthly dues as failure to do so will make the main account holder liable.

In conclusion, after all is said and done, remember that reliability is very key to any provider of mobile phone contracts. Therefore, ensure you show that you a reliable and can be committed to the contract. Some months before applying for a bad credit mobile contract, avoid moving houses as this will create a dim view of your reliability. Additionally, pay up some few of your debt, and use that as evidence that you can be trusted.



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