How to go about choosing the best UK mobile phone provider


Let’s face it. With so many mobile phone providers offering services in the UK market, choosing one can be a herculean task. You simply need to do a small search online and you will be bombarded with numerous results of providers purporting to offer the best mobile phone deals and even contracts. But how do you discern between genuine and reputable providers from those simply out to swindle you?

Background research

Don’t be the kind of person who does business with any provider simply because they say they offer the best deals. In fact, if the deal is too good, you need to think twice. Take time to read about a given provider, find out how truthful they are, the calibre of services they offer and what have you. With the internet age, you do not need to move from one provider to the other. You simply need an internet connection and carry out your research from the comfort of your office or even balcony at home.

Ask questions

It pays to be curious and to seek for answers especially to things you have a vague idea of. Do you understand every term of the contract? Do you know why a given provider is charging what they are charging? If not, do not shy away from asking questions. It is always important to make informed decisions and the only way to do that is by ensuring that you are in know.


No doubt, some of you feel as if the act of negotiation should be consigned to the market. However, this is not true. Don’t be the kind of person who takes what you are given without trying to pull strings on your side. Try and haggle with your provider to offer you a better deal. A better deal could be anything from a discounted price to addition of perks. You will be surprised at just how willing your provider is to cut you some slack.


Read the fine print

Do you believe everything your sales representative is telling you? Well, you shouldn’t. Anything your sales representative tells you is meant to convert you into a customer. So while the deal might look so good on paper, there is always a chance of hidden charges. For that reason alone and to avoid paying hefty fees in the foreseeable future, endeavour to read the fine print and seek clarifications on confusing terms. It is better to be safe than sorry!



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