Bad credit mobile phones


It can be pretty frustrating when you are turned down by a mobile phone provider because of bad credit. When you desire a new smart phone, you can easily get it from mobile carriers by paying monthly fees, and that’s where bad credit mobile phones come in. These are contracts where you can still get your choice phone despite having poor credit ratings.

Typically, most carriers tend to reject such customers because they fear incurring loses when you fail to pay the loan. However, with the rise of credit cards, more people are becoming victims of bad credit. Likewise, carriers have come up with ways in which they can assist these customers with poor credit record access mobile phones.

How it works

Just like any other mobile phone contract, you get to sign a deal with the provider of your choice despite your poor credit details of which are normally found on the homepage. The good news is that there are no credit checks conducted so your credit history gets to be overlooked. However, there are some few things that should be taken care of. You get to pay a deposit which will be refunded at a later time during the contract, or immediately you complete your payments. This deposit is pre-negotiated with the carrier. It’s meant to reduce the risk for the carrier, and normally, the higher your deposit, the better the phone you can have.



Even though bad credit mobile phone contracts sounds like a walk in the park, they do not lack some caveats that you need to be aware of. First, the price is highly inflated by the mere reason that there are no credit checks involved. This is because the risks involved are usually very high for the lender. You therefore get to pay more for a phone you would otherwise pay a lesser amount.

It is unfortunate that most bad credit mobile phones are a bit outdated, and you’re less likely to get your hands on a flagship killer. However, there are some companies that can let you have the latest smartphones after some few months into the contracts if you prove to be a reliable customer. Ensure you pay your bills on time and regularly as this well have a positive impact on your credit rating.


In conclusion, if you wish to get the best bad credit mobile deals available, ensure you improve your credit ratings. Typically, dealers will view each applicant with a bad credit history individually. If you have a better rating, you may land yourself a better smart phone and get better value for your money. So stay on top of your game and make your credit score better in any way possible.

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