Tips to be approved for a mobile contract with bad credit


Mobile phones have literally become a vital part of our lives. They are like an extension of our bodies, and act as our computers, cameras, alarm clocks and game stations. However, accessing a good smart phone has become difficult particularly if you’ve got a bad credit score. Likewise, vendors will promise you contracts with no credit checks but end up exploiting you and charging you more than necessary. But you need not to worry. If you want to get a good mobile contract despite your poor credit rating, here are some few tips you can use.

Get a co-signer

You can easily get the phone contract of your choice if you get a co-signer with desirable credit ratings. In this case, your co-signer will act as your guarantor and if you fail to pay, they will face the consequences. Remember, the account will be in their name and not yours. Therefore, ensure you talk about this with your co-signer before signing the contract. The good news is, after some time, you can transfer the account to your name without having to pay any deposit. However, you need to have been faithful in your monthly payments.

Pay a deposit

Paying a security deposit will reduce the risks involved in the mobile contract you want to sign, and this will in turn let your carrier agree. It is important to know that deposit amounts vary from carrier to carrier depending with your credit score and the handset you want to own. For instance, iPhones have some of the highest prices in the market, and therefore, the highest deposits.


Opt for a prepaid carrier

This is a better option for you as prepaid contracts do not require credit checks. This is owned to the fact that you pay in advance and therefore there’s very little risk for the mobile phone provider.  This plan can work best if your old phone is still in good working shape, and you can be comfortable with a SIM-only contract. Remember, using your old phone for some time is not such a bad thing; rather you will be creating a solid platform for restoring your wounded credit score. In the end, you will be able to acquire the best newest top end smart phones without breaking a sweat.

Join a family plan

When you join a family plan, you will not only bypass a credit check, but you will also save some few bucks. This is owed to the fact that mobile family plans are cheaper. Additionally, you can have as many lines on one plan as you wish; could even go up to 10 lines. And only condition to be met is that the main account holder should have good credit. Therefore if you join as a member, you will bypass the credit checks. However, you need to pay up your monthly dues as failure to do so will make the main account holder liable.

In conclusion, after all is said and done, remember that reliability is very key to any provider of mobile phone contracts. Therefore, ensure you show that you a reliable and can be committed to the contract. Some months before applying for a bad credit mobile contract, avoid moving houses as this will create a dim view of your reliability. Additionally, pay up some few of your debt, and use that as evidence that you can be trusted.



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