Top tricks for getting the perfect mobile phone contract


Getting a mobile phone contract that perfectly suits your needs can genuinely be a matter of concern. This particularly because of all the many elements in the contract- data, tariffs and minutes you need to consider. However, making up your mind doesn’t have to be difficult anymore as this article is just meant for you. Here are some simple tricks you can use to get yourself that perfect deal that will leave you smiling throughout the contract.

Recycle your phone

You need to ask yourself whether you really need a new phone or not. You don’t need to get a new phone simply because a new iPhone model just hit the market. If your phone is still in good shape, consider going for SIM only contract. You will land a good deal on texts calls and data without having to spend so much. Some companies would even buy back your old phone and give you a cash boost in your new contract. If you are lucky, you could earn some bit of cash depending on the condition and handset you own.


Don’t make a decision there and then- negotiate

You could be finding it hard to resist that shinny sleek gadget a contract is offering. However, do not be in a haste to make a decision. Take your time and do your research first and compare as many contracts as possible to ensure you land into the best deal.  After all you are not obliged to make an immediate decision. Be bold enough to negotiate with the provider for a possibility of lower rates. Additionally, it will be useful if you’re well-armed with information on competitive deals. You can use such info to negotiate a better deal. Do not forget to use a polite language and give out concrete reasons that will help convince the company you deserve the discount.

Know your needs

It is important that you decide how you will be using your phone before signing the contract. How much of calling, texting or surfing will you be doing?  30% of mobile phone users regularly exceed their minute limit while 46% do not even get to finish their allocated minutes. Therefore, you’ll be better off calculating your usage beforehand. Opt for a pay-as-you-go contracts if you will be using your phone less often. Oh, also ensure you get a contract whose tariff will cover your international calls too if you frequently make such calls.

Shop online or make a call

Instead of walking straight into a high street mobile shop to get you a deal, you should shop online or make a call. Take a moment to think of the many sales persons or advisors these shops have. These individuals have been purposely trained to sell and sell really hard. They will use the discount language to convince you and before you even know it, you will be signing a contract whose turns and rules you do not know. Although some of these contracts turn out well, others may tighten a noose on your neck.


In conclusion if your contract is about to end, you are holding a very powerful weapon called loyalty. Instead of shopping around for a new contract, stick with your current provider if you are happy with their services. Do this and save your precious time and money. After all, you can earn yourself some discounts and offers as a loyal customer. However, if you are not satisfied with your provider’s services and can’t wait for the contract to come to an end, don’t wait any longer. Remember, there are many opportunities out there that can provide you with the best mobile contract. So, start shopping and comparing sites, after all, you are not obliged to stick with one carrier.

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